Sunday, February 13, 2011

Internet Censorship - What do you think?

A new bill is always trying to pass through the Senate that will in one way or another limit the availability of content on the internet, censoring the internet for United States citizens. Thankfully, each bill has been thwarted by either denying it or delaying it. However, I have a feeling one of these days one of these bills will be passed.

What do you think it will be like if or once this happens? Do you have an opinion?
What kind of content should be blocked, and what should be left alone?
Maybe you actually live in a country that already has similar stipulations, what is it like?

I'd like to hear your opinions.


  1. Yeah, it will never happen, but it if does it wont be blocked for long.

  2. I think censorship is just pointless.

  3. If it was done earlier when the internet was just getting going it might have worked but now I just don't see it happening too many people using it and there would be mass outrage.

  4. theres always gonna be sick twisted s**t on the internet and i don't think that any bill in any form will be able to sensor it all

  5. censorship is like a law against freedom. anyhow, its going to happen, but people are always going to find a way around it. there is no absolute in this.

  6. There are too many smart people fighting for their freedom, they'll never suppress the internet and even if they do it won't be for long.