Saturday, February 12, 2011

Using Linux, and why to do so.

The majority of computer users use Windows based OS's. This is a fact. For most people, it's the ease of use with operating systems like Windows XP, Vista (sort of) and 7. For others, it's just because Windows is far over-hyped in media and it comes on most computers that mom and pop or even your grandparents would buy from any retailer. No matter the reason, we cannot deny its usefulness.

Although for the popularity and ease of use comes a great responsibility on the users too. Most malware and viruses specifically target Windows based computers simply because they control the vast majority of the market. This means you must be much more careful about keeping your computer safe.

 Reason #1 for using Linux (even occasionally, for more important tasks): It's much more safe. 

Linux is a separate operating system, completely different than Windows, each a different distro (there are many different versions of Linux, and some Linux distros try to compete with the ease of operating that Windows supplies).  HOWEVER, the majority of Linux distros come with the option to boot with a LiveCD. This means that you will not even need to install Linux to begin using it, tasks such as checking your bank account is made easy with Linux and can be done in moments. 

 Reason #2 for using Linux: You don't need to install the operating system.

Finally, one great example I can think of for using my Linux LiveCD was to pull files off the Windows partition of my hard drive when Windows was beyond repair, and system restore would do nothing. I managed to boot up the Linux LiveCD, navigate to what I needed and put it on a flash drive so I didn't lose anything very important. Another instance is dragging a necessary core windows file back into the system32 directory after it has been corrupted to the point where you cannot boot. This is invaluable.

 Reason #3 for using Linux: It can save you in the event of a computer emergency.

There you have it, there's literally no reason why one shouldn't use Linux when they have the opportunity to. 

For your convenience, here is a link to a page where you can download a Linux LiveCD to burn to a disc, this is just a Linux distro that I have personally found very easy to use and work with. 

Any comments, stories to tell, anything? Feel free.


  1. I'm thinking about setting up a rig just for linux, but I can't afford to at the moment and I just love my games!

  2. Wow, I think I may consider using Linux now, thanks for this information.

  3. ive always wanted to know more about linux. never really was a fan of windows or any mac os.

  4. Linux fan eh, i'm really curious about how well they work and if i should switch my operating system over to one when i get a new computer

    keep up the good posts i could learn a lot from you

  5. You should try out "Blackbuntu", you'll enjoy it.